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I am Ruth Appiah, Founder of Rise Skill Center.  My students call me Mrs. A. In early 2021, I found myself in a classroom at Newtown Middle School.  Though cautioned that the students could be very challenging at times, I rather discovered strong children courageously maneuvering through the many challenges Covid posed to them.  I have always loved children, but came to truly admire them even more during this very trying time. This is when my own life and goals changed dramatically.

My background is in investment banking, having worked for firms such as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter as an Analyst and Fidelity Investments as a Mutual Fund Trader, so being in a classroom with Middle schoolers was a new but fascinating experience.  Awed by the positivity and bravery of the students, I found a new passion to serve them in my community of Newtown and surrounding towns.

Post-Covid, I found great purpose in helping academically struggling students maneuver through a different set of  challenges, such as late homework and ultimately, failing grades.  During this time, I was given the opportunity to create and implement the Homework, Organization and Planning Skills (HOPS) Program at Newtown Middle School, where I still work.

Why Rise Skill Center?

Rise Skill Center was founded first and foremost to help struggling students. Lacking motivation or not having enough time after school to do homework should never be reasons for a child to fail. Smart children should not fail for lack of after school support. RSC is my small effort or contribution to the success of children who need that extra help to succeed.

RSC exists to help students develop routines or schedules which help them execute on assigned tasks (prioritization and time management) so they have enough time to accommodate other activities they love to do. Having this space in the community will not only help students promptly complete tasks assigned after school, but also help them learn and develop lifelong skills and habits that are useful to them.

Rise Skill Center works with students to develop skills that help improve their grades and life in general.  It’s often extremely rewarding to see once failing students rise and make great strides that propel them forward academically with promise for a better and brighter future.