Do You Need?

  • A Proven Mentor and Coach During The School Year For Your Child?
  • Your Child To Be Better Organized For Their School Year?
  • A Homework Coach To Help Your Child With Homework and Time Management After School?

Who We Are

Then you need Rise Skill Center. At RSC, we understand parents work and have little time to focus daily on their child’s missing class or home work. Rise Skill Center works with your child to track homework daily, as well as help them improve on their organization, homework and time management skills.


Why Rise Skill Center?

To See Every Child Succeed!

Rise Skill Center, LLC hopes to help every child rise to their potential by strengthening their executive function skills!

At Rise Skill Center, we assess the individual student and their needs working with them to strengthen key areas that will help them succeed academically.

We work with students and their teachers to deliver on daily assigned homework!

We will work with your child after school to make sure they are completing and turning in assignments so their grades are not affected!

We will also work with your child to teach them homework and time management skills so they have more time to focus on their own self-interests!

Try The “Rise” Approach

As children crawl first before they walk, so is the ‘Rise’ steady and gradual approach to learning and accountability.

Rise students excel as they develop new mindsets and attitudes about homework and become more and more aware of the negative impact of missing classwork and homework.  ‘Rise’ students learn new habits for a positive outcome!

Sample Homework Checklist and After School Routines

Math Homework

3:30 PM

ELA Homework

4:00 PM

Sports, Recreation Or Rest And Relaxation

4:30PM – 6:30PM



We Do Home Visits

We do home visits in Newtown, Bethel, Easton and Monroe Connecticut ONLY at this time
All other services are offered through video conferencing
throughout the school year to ensure your child’s
academic progress is on track.

Every child is endowed with a unique set of skills, talents and a different approach or mindset to learning. We take what your child already has, but may not be using and exercise these abilities consistently for results.


Ruth Appiah
Founder – Rise Skill Center, LLC

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